What’s in a name?

Choosing a name is daunting.

Gratifying, but daunting.

Whether it’s for your business or your child… it’s an extremely thought out task and it comes with a lot of teeter totter emotions.

What’s the most significant aspect?

Do you stick with what you like or do you flow with the rest of the modern world?

For me, choosing a name for my blog has been something I’ve thought about since the idea of starting a blog crossed my mind the first time.

Which was years ago, I might add…

I wanted to be confident in what name I decided on. I didn’t want to look back and have any regrets or just choose a name so that I could get started. That might sound silly to some of you, but it played an important role in this whole process.

And maybe that was partly the reason why it took me so long to do this.

Although fear was also present to the party as well… But I’m working on letting that go. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t frighten me to be an open book and allow myself to be vulnerable for others to say what they will about me.

But this is who I am.

This is my story. My sacred place. My novel to write.

Which leads me back to why I chose the name “This Bittersweet Life.”

Well for one, my life has been just that. It’s broken, but beautiful. It’s sour, but savory. It’s messy, but magical. It’s imperfect, yet perfect, in my eyes.

Sometimes I wonder how it could ever taste any sweeter, and other times I wonder if I’ll ever dig my way out of the trenches. It’s a constant up, then down. Back and forth. A little push here, a little shove there. From flashy fireworks one day, to ticking time bombs the next.

I’m not saying it’s not worth it. Don’t hear what I’m not saying…

It’s bittersweet in it’s perfect little way. If life was just rainbows and butterflies, how would we ever grow? We would all be the same person for the rest of our lives. There would be no room for change, or self-reflection, and no need for strength or endurance. We might sprint our way through the harrowing war and come out broken, battered and bruised, but we always heal. And can I just point out that without the rain, there would be no rainbows..

I have a feeling that this will resonate with a lot of you. It’s something that every single one of us can relate to on one level or another. All of us have lost some battles and all of us have slayed some dragons.

Secondly, I felt like this word could be used to describe many parts of life. Parenting, your career, baking, relationships…

You get the idea.

When I think of the word “bittersweet” it doesn’t bring just one meaning to mind, and that was significant to me when deciding on a name. I didn’t want to choose something that would limit me from writing about different angles of my life. I wanted something broad that left doors open, incase I wanted to explore other avenues.

Lastly, I wanted a name that sounded organic. Like I said in my first post; I want this blog to be as realistic and unrefined as it can be. I didn’t want a dainty or delicate name, I wanted something that would draw people in, in a way that would make them feel comfortable. Like they could sit down, read a post, and not leave feeling like they weren’t satisfied with their life.

Because I’ve felt like that before.

Let’s be honest… with all of the social media outlets these days, it can leave one feeling as though their life isn’t as flawless, fit, or financially filled as it “should” be. I wouldn’t ever want anyone to feel that way.

That’s not what life is about.

No one will remember 3 years from now how many times you went to the gym during the week or how many pairs of Lululemon pants you own.

Yes, we should have goals and daily motivation to always “do better than the day before,” but trying to be perfect will not make you happy. Don’t strive to be prettier or skinnier than “that” girl on Instagram. Even those people you follow, that look like they have it made, like they have it all together; they don’t. Everyone has their downfalls, everyone has their struggles, even though it may not appear that way, and no one is ever 100% satisfied with every detail of their life.

So be you.

Whatever that might look like.

And I’ll join you.

Let’s be who we were intended to be and bear all angles, not just the good ones.

All of the bitter and all of the sweet.

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