Frantically busy – What I’ve been up to

I sold our infant car seat a few days ago.

Talk about bittersweet moments in life.

We are unsure if we want anymore kids, so for now, instead of storing things away in our non-existent storage space, we decided to sell them. Or should I say, I decided to sell them. Which is funny, because if you ask my husband, he says he’s very happy with the little family that we have. Me on the other hand.. well, I’m the one that keeps going back and forth. It’s a tough decision!

It was difficult for me to let go of some of the items. I’m still hanging onto a few of them, like my daughter’s tiny pink playmat and the exersaucer that she practically lived in (she loved that thing!).

I have a tendency to do what is necessary in the moment without thinking about it until a later date. I can very easily remove emotions from situations if need be, which can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. I do what I gotta do for the time being, but it always comes back to haunt me later if I don’t deal with the emotions somewhere along the way.

Anyway, I just needed to vent about that for a second. It has absolutely nothing to do with the post I was intending on writing…

I have been so busy lately! Sometimes I wonder if I’m putting too much on my plate. You know what I’m talking about… those times when you contemplate adding one more heaping spoonful because you just know it’s going to be delicious.

Well, so is my life right now. It’s hectic and sometimes I feel like my head won’t stop spinning, but it’s all delicious. Down to the last bite! Hence why I have a hard time saying no.

In addition to writing this, I’m also working on another write-up for my fun little presentation tomorrow! I will be doing a make up tutorial/tips and tricks at Sisterhood, which is a women’s group hosted by the church I attend. I am so excited to be doing this! I have a big love for skin care and make up, and I very much enjoy sharing that love with others.

So I’m currently gathering my thoughts, jotting down notes and organizing my products. As well as being interrupted by my adorable children. Maybe trying to cook supper, feed my kids and get them ready for bed, all while finishing this, wasn’t such a good idea.

Way to leave it to the last-minute right?

Another exciting event I’m preparing for is a singing gig with my friend Cindy. Her and I have been singing together for years (along with a few other beauties who joins us every once in a while). We’ve performed at weddings, church, open mics and various functions around town (at the college, summer bike shows, etc).

A local restaurant recently hired us and we are thrilled to be performing there on May 12th! If you haven’t been before, come out that Saturday evening to the 582 Patio & Grill for some mouth-watering food and live music by yours truly. By the sounds of it, we will have a crowd of people attending, so by all means, join in!

There is a TON of background work that goes into preparing for an event like this. People don’t typically see the hours of practice and hard word it involves. Albeit, when you have a passion for something, it doesn’t always feel like work. It’s almost guaranteed that Cindy and I will end up laughing our way through a song that we can’t seem to solidify. And it’s a definite given that at some point during our practice, we share new songs that we are loving at that moment. I love singing with her. She is an extremely talented musician and it’s always an honour to be next to her on stage.

Annnnnnnd, with all my “spare” time I’m drowning in… I’m picking away at a diy project I’ve been working on. I’m almost finished and I can’t wait to complete it! It looks so beautiful and I’m incredibly happy with how it’s turned out so far. I took some before photos, so once it’s done, I’ll be taking my after photos and writing up a post; stay tuned!

All of this, along with keeping up on the house, working, staying on my running schedule, and being a present wife and mom, has kept me frantically busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like I’ve said before, I’m a motivated woman who likes to reach for the stars, even the ones that feel like they’re light-years away.

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