Old made new; red to blue!

I’ve been completing a lot of projects lately. I suppose it’s my way of staying sane while potting training my almost 4 year old and dealing with a teething 1 year old.

Being a stay at home mom means that I tend to fall into the same routine every day and it can get a little monotonous.

Getting creative gives me an outlet when I start to feel overwhelmed by the repetition. Or when I start to feel like a mommy robot. Or a mommy slave (anyone else?!).

I’ve been wanting to repaint my front door for a few years now, it’s just been one of those things that gets forgotten about until I’m sitting on my front deck staring at how dirty it is. So recently, while at the hardware store grabbing a few supplies for a different project I was working on, I happened to walk past the paint samples and remember my front door.

I grabbed a few samples and brought them home for Matt to look at since I knew I wouldn’t be able to decide on my own.

I may be a creative person, but I can be very indecisive during the process.

I loved my red door, and I easily could have repainted it red, but I wanted to give it new life! Go for something different this time.

Since it has a dark door handle/lock, I knew I couldn’t choose a darker color and I was pretty sure I didn’t want to anyway. I wanted something welcoming and bright! I also debated a nice light grey or beige, but our siding on the house is very light and I was afraid it would blend right in. Definitely didn’t want that!


So I grabbed a few red samples (just in case) and some blue samples.

Little fun fact: Did you know that blue is the most welcoming color for a front door?

Matt was sold on one of the blue colors, which helped make my decision easier on whether or not to keep it red.

And it’s a given that I had to text my mom and my sister to ask them their opinion as well. I honestly talk to them about anything and everything. Little things, big things. Things that are very insignificant, but they still take interest in, when I’m sure other people would be bored out of their minds. They are my “go to” and I certainly couldn’t do life without them. I’m so very thankful for the relationships I have with them both ❤

When they equally agreed that the blue shade would be perfect, I knew it was the one. I went out a few days later and picked up my supplies.

I would’ve gone straight away, but taking kids to the hardware store isn’t something I’m keen on doing if I don’t have to…

I purchased my paint color, a can of primer and a new paintbrush. My mom suggested getting the primer since red is a difficult color to cover (thanks mom!) and I’m so glad that I did; it worked perfectly!

Time wise, it was decently quick to paint the door, but the struggle was real when it came to keeping the children away from it while it dried (insert eye roll here). Thankfully, it dried fast enough for me to close the door and take my kids hostage inside the house until it was safe for them to touch.



I am extremely happy with the way that it turned out! I absolutely love the color and the way it lights up my front porch! I did mess up a little bit on the door handle, but I’m still hoping I can fix it. All in all, I did fairly well with the time restraints and the grubby hands that were lingering nearby.

But I gotta be honest here for a second. It’s tough sharing some of these photos. My deck is nowhere near Pinterest worthy or anything to gawk over. It’s covered in stains, dirt, toys, and so on. But I have kids… need I say more?

I told you guys from the beginning that I would be authentic and real, so I’m staying true to my words! This is me. This is my life. Filter free.

This was after both coats and before I removed the tape off of the door handle
Swapped out flower pots and added a new door mat! (sorry for the terrible lighting)

Now I need to find something to hang on my siding beside my door. I used to have a metal sunflower hanging there (for years) but I decided that it too needed to go. The only problem is that it left our siding sun faded, which means I definitely need to find an alternative instead of leaving it blank. So I’m on the hunt for ideas; any thoughts? Suggestions? I do have a few in mind but would love to hear from my readers!


We just put a new chair/table set on the deck as well and we are loving it! It’s perfect for early morning coffee and afternoon relaxing. I bought it for Matt for Father’s Day as he’s been wanting one like it for years. I found a local guy who makes them for a very decent price and I’m tickled pink with how well it turned out! We left it bare for now, but I think we’ve decided to paint it white to go along with the airy and bright look!

I’m also going to (attempt) to make a floral wreath for the front door. I just love the look of them and I have a bunch of flowers left over from Scarlett’s birthday party, so I want to put them to good use. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading! XO



2 thoughts on “Old made new; red to blue!

  1. This makes me want to redo our front door! It looks amazing!!
    An idea for the spot on the wall, how about a wood sign with your last name on it?


    1. Thanks Melissa! You should do it then! It’s such an easy (and inexpensive) way to change the look of your front porch 🙂

      That was one idea I had in mind! I think it would look perfect!
      I also really like the metal (or wood) signs that just say “hello” on them in script writing! It’s so tough to decide haha


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