Microblading – what it is and why I did it

I’ve been talking about getting my eyebrows microbladed for well over a year now. During that time I’ve had many people ask me “why”, saying that I already have nice eyebrows.

And though I appreciate the compliments, I am still self-conscious about my brows and have been for a long time.

It sounds so silly typing that out or saying it out loud. I mean really… who cares that much about someone else’s eyebrows?!

But that’s just it. I care about mine, so that’s why I did it. For me.

It’s extremely difficult for me to talk about, but I’ve always struggled with my hair and feeling like less of a woman because of something I can’t change. I have thin, fine hair and I hate it. I’m not even going to beat around the bush, I flat-out hate it. I get frustrated trying to style the hair on my head because I’m so limited with what I can do with it and even when I want to have a lazy hair day, I still have to work with it to make it look half decent.

I wish I could be like other woman when it comes to their insecurities and say that I’ve “learned to embrace it”, but I’d be lying to you if I did. And I’ll go out on a whim here and say that I’m 99% sure that I’m not the only one with an insecurity I would love to modify, even if others don’t see it.

My body has been through a lot of changes over its lifetime, and I have certainly “loved myself” through them, but this is one that I can’t alter, meaning that my feelings won’t dissipate with time. Clearly I have to live with it, and I’ve learned how to, but it’s a day-to-day challenge (and annoyance).

Also, since having kids, I’ve noticed that it’s gotten worse. Pregnancy, postpartum and thyroid issues, have definitely taken a toll on my hair, including my eyebrows.

Which leads me to why I was considering microblading! It’s something I’ve pondered for a while, but I’ve only really been serious about it for the last year. The only reason I didn’t take the leap sooner is because I was pregnant and then nursing a newborn.

I’m not one to jump right into a big decision. I definitely take my time to think about it, weigh the pros and cons, and really ask myself why I want to do it.

I’m all for spontinaity if it involves trying a new restaurant or taking a trip somewhere I’ve never been, but not when it comes to altering my personal appearance. I struggle enough as it is to decide on a color for my toenails let alone permanently change my facial features. So this wasn’t a split second decision, this took much thought, discussion and research to make sure that it wouldn’t be something I’d regret!

For those that don’t know what it is, microblading is a semi-permanent treatment to make eyebrows appear fuller using a small handheld blade to deposit pigment into your skin by creating hair like strokes.

Some say it’s similar to a tattoo, but in my personal opinion (after having it done), I’d have to say it’s quite different. The tool they use is different, the pigment/ink they use is different, the way they do the procedure is different, the outcome is different and the longevity is different. The only similarity I noticed is the after care (keeping it moisturized, not getting the area wet, etc).

Now that it’s been over a week since having it done, I can whole heartedly say that it was worth it! I am thrilled with how they look so far and I can’t wait until they are fully healed.

I’m currently working on a post about the process of having it done and my thoughts on the entire experience. If you have any questions at all, be sure to post below and I’ll add it into my blog post!

Stay tuned for more to come! 🙂



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