Scarlett’s cake smash & family photos

I’ve been meaning to post these for months now.

I almost feel silly posting them now considering we had them done the end of May (oops!).

But they are too good not to share!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will already know that my littlest love turned 1 the beginning of June (tear!). When our son turned 1, we had a photographer come to our house for a cake smash/family photo session which turned out perfectly, so we wanted to do the same with our daughter.

There a loads of photographers in our area so there is plenty to choose from depending on what type of “look” you are going for.

I’ve booked with a few different ones in the past, and truthfully had great experiences with each of them, but for some reason I wanted to try someone new this time around.

I stumbled upon Meghan Unger Photography and immediately loved her work. I had known a few friends to book with her in the past, so I asked them about their experiences (which were great in case you were wondering), and then I contacted her about a session.

She was very professional throughout the entire process. She was very timely when getting back to me about something, she showed up on time and prepared, and made sure that we captured everything I was envisioning in my head. She also sends out a beautiful questionnaire a few weeks before your session, which I think is incredibly smart on her behalf, and as a client, makes you feel like more than a client. She really wants to know you and your family even before she meets you. A very nice touch!

And although I nit-picked myself in every single photo (like any honest woman would admit to doing), I loved the pictures and I am thankful that I will have them to look back on as the years go by. Nothing is more precious than moments captured in time, especially as your babies grow.





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